Turning 40 – Mike Gayle

Turning 40 – Mike Gayle

If you thought waving goodbye to your 20s was hard, then you aint seen nothing yet.

“Turning 40″, Mike Gayle’s new book and sequel to his hilarious “Turning 30” sees our lovable hero Matt Beckford back in the thick of it, facing a mid-life crisis, divorce, separation and everything in between.

This is a book about what life really means, a heart-warming tale which proves that family is much more important than careers.

I first came across Mike last year with his book Dinner For Two, published back in 2002. I loved it so much I made a real effort to read everything he has written so far, from 1998′s “My Legendary Girlfriend”, to last year’s “The Stag and Hen Do”. Reading in chronological order I have seen Mike develop his writing style, becoming more and more personal with each and every book.

“Turning 40″ is the pinnacle of his life’s work.


Well because it is not only an incredibly personal piece of work, it’s jam-packed full of characters you can relate to, with a message you really believe in.

Mike Gayle

Matt Beckford is back.

If you’ve read “Turning 30″ (see link above), then you’ll know he’s ‘turned 30′ and is in Australia.

Now however, he’s in a loveless relationship, with a woman who wants a divorce, in a job he hates and in a house she wants to sell. So what does he do?

Move home of course!!!!

The most powerful part of this book is Matt’s relationship with his elderly parents. He is nearly 40, after all, and back at home. How he tries to deal with his mum who wants to look after him, coupled with an old flame who he wants to get back with (Ginny) was so cleverly done you have to read it to believe it.

The overriding message of this book is that family means more than careers. Family means more than relationships. Family means everything. You could lose it all tomorrow, but your family will be there to pick you up.

Before I end this review, I just have to congratulate Mike on his ex-rockstar character from the Pinheads. If you read it, think Peter Doherty in 20 years. And wow, when Gershwin does what he does and gives our hero something he’s been asking for for a while, I literally went “WAHEY!” out loud.

All in all, this has to be Mike Gayle’s best book so far. A personal portrait of love, loss and family life….

I’m still not looking forward to turning 30 though…

I loved it. Nearly perfect.

The Book Boy Rating – 4.5/5



  1. HerBookList
    Sep 24, 2013

    I’m obsessed with Mike Gayle. I haven’t read Turning Forty but will do as soon as possible. I’m currently reading The Tag and Hen Do which isn’t as good as Dinner For Two but it’s still a great read.

    • thebookboy
      Sep 27, 2013

      Oh you’ll love this!! x

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