Seven Sunny Days – Chris Manby

Seven Sunny Days – Chris Manby

Have you ever been on a Club 18-30 holiday?

Personally I can’t think of anything worse. I go abroad to see a place and explore its history – not sit by a pool with fat Brits who’d rather eat chips than a local delicacy.

Seven Sunny Days is a book which confirms my fears of Brits abroad – it’s a perfect holiday read about three women who jet off to Turkey. Unfortunately their trip is less of a Turkish delight, and more a Turkish tragedy.

Rachel is soon to be married.

Carrie-Ann has just gone through a messy divorce.

And Yaslyn is scared of committing herself to her boyfriend.

These friends decide to pack up their suitcases and have a holiday to celebrate their new lives and new starts. Joining them on this trip is Marcus and Sally – a couple who’ve just fallen out of love with each other. Put them all together in a Turkish resort and you’ve got the ingredients for fireworks, especially when you meet the reps!

Chris Manby authorChris Manby is a very clever author in that she writes for the reader, she speaks to you in a way that will make you relate to her characters and their experiences. Right from the very start she’ll have you hooked as she describes the rigmarole of checking in before a flight. You’ll laugh at the girl’s experiences of trying to bag the only sunbeds in the shade, or how to deal with incessant phonecalls from home…

But this book stood out for me in the character of Axel, a broken-hearted rep who’s still hurting from losing who he thought was his soulmate. Sharing a room with a lethario tennis instructor called Gilles, Axel’s quest to find Mrs Right in a seedy Turkish resort will have you in stitches.

But it’s also very sensitively written in the way the failed marriage of Sally and Marcus is tackled.

Seven Sunny Days is certainly a page turner. It’s warm, witty and well-written. Yet it’s not perfect, and that’s only because I felt the ending was rushed… the first 90% is wonderful, the last 10% was unbelievable and a bit too ‘mushy’.

I’d never read any of Chris Manby’s works since picking up this book to take on my holiday to Malta – but I’m glad I did and will definitely be checking out her back catalogue in the weeks to come.

The Book Boy Rating – 3/5

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