Relentless – Simon Kernick

Relentless – Simon Kernick

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and you’re with the kids.

The phone rings.

It’s your friend, being tortured. Before he hangs up he screams your name and address. What do you do?

In just 10 pages Simon Kernick will drag you in to this no-holds-barred thriller, from cul-de-sac normality to cold-blooded killing spree. “Relentless” is certainly an apt title, with scene after scene of car chases, police, kidnappers, guns, (comedy) villains, double and triple crossing conspirators…

The hero is Tom, a happily married man with it all – 2.4 kids and a white picket fence. When he receives a phone call from his friend, gripped with fear, Tom’s address is shouted at his attackers.

Simon Kernick Author

Panicking, he rounds up his kids and runs for it – as a 4×4 full of balaclava wearing thugs screech into his road.

Why? What? Where?

There are so many questions you want answered – and Simon cleverly keeps a lot of balls in the air. I also enjoyed the fact that DC Tina Boyd makes an appearance – although only brief…

However, the final third of the book just doesn’t keep up with the fast-paced fun of the first two. The ending leaves you a tad disappointed. Plus you need to suspend disbelief too. I mean, I’m not a firearms expert, but I’m pretty sure forensics would show that if you put a gun to someone’s head, the bullet wound would differ from one shot a long way away?

Well apparently if you’re a police officer you can get away with it.

“I shot at him from long range” (no, you put a gun to his head)

“OK, you’re let off”


Silly. But silly fun nonetheless.

The Book Boy Rating  3/5

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